Monday, August 14, 2017

Welcome to The Dark Ages

Although only 400 tickets went on sale, for this three day event in Liverpool, it seems you might still be able to buy one, as a few people have apparently  become nervous after receiving a gnomic email about their role (as 'volunteer' participant - no mere observer).


Find lots more hilarious details at Get Into This

"The reference to the Jams film is also clear enough. This was again announced earlier this year when two DVDs were taped to a wall near Bill Drummond’s London home, which had previously been the site of several Jamsposters announcing their return this year.
A photograph of the discs was tweeted on the official K2 Plant Hire account (another of Drummond and Cauty’s many pseudonyms) without any explanation, but presumably with the full expectation that someone would retrieve the discs and upload their content to youtube. And so it transpired. You can still view that film trailer here"  [published 21 March 2017]

Enjoy, ye Chosen Ones!

Friday, August 11, 2017

John Higgs and Daisy Eris Campbell in 2014

Mainstream media

Finally, the BBC acknowledges the influence of the two Bobs' Illuminatus! trilogy, as one source of the myth/legend conspiracy theory about a sinister "Illuminati" which appears so popular now, but without the balancing cheerfulness and cynicism of the Discordian resistance.

In essence, trying to appear 'knowing' it seem people have adopted the mysterious hand signals, the gossip, the paranoia (Eyes Wide Shut and the Monarch/Manchurian Candidate stuff) without balancing that with the optimistic aspect.

They worry that the music business has been taken over by a nasty corporate entity, but haven't actually read the books, and appear to know nothing of  Laughing Buddha Jesus Phallus Inc.

Hey ho.  If people prefer horror movies to life-enhancing input, who 'am' 'I' to disillusion them.

Bavarians, Beethoven, and Bloodshed: Week 13 Illuminatus! Group Reading

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

I said mama but we’re all in Chapel Perilous now...

This sounded like a great day (or more), but this particular year your humble author did not make it.  Sigh..

See pictures, and find lots more details of the day, on the Hilaritas Press website.

Hey look, the meeting up of the daughters, of RAW and Ken Campbell!

This, from R.U.Sirius:

Has your S M I Two L E turned into a scowl?
Does weaponized idiocracy have you throwing in the towel?
Could anybody in this pinched surveilled nation write another Howl?
I said mama but we’re all in Chapel Perilous now
Are the students at your college acting like Maoists?
Have you seen weird apparitions like neonazi Taoists?
Does it seem perfectly normal that the President’s a crazy clown?
I said mama but we’re all in Chapel Perilous now
Did you read RAW and not get the joke
Are you gorging on conspiracies until you choke
r.u. even more dogmatic after taking a toke
How we wish Bob was here to make everybody Pope
Is Operation Mindfuck now with Gog and Magog
And some witless little nerd boy who loves Pepe the Frog
If nothing is true and anything is allowed
I said mama but we’re all in Chapel Perilous now

Lovely to hear of our very own Bobby Campbell and his latest book, of RAW art.

Check out all his prolific output here.


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